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  • Background and concepts

    The more I work on Parrots and the ideas I have about it, the more I manage to give it a narrow and precise context. This is an important step, because it helps users to decide if and when they should use Parrots instead of any other mocking library around.

  • Why Parrots

    Parrots is my first open-source project ever, for many reasons I never joined one before and it is the first I decided to start, but I've always been attracted by the idea of having a good idea and share it, eventually getting to form a good distributed team of developers collaborating on it.

  • First release

    Today I did the first upload to BitBucket of Parrots, a "record and replay" mocking library I'm working on since a few weeks.

  • AppFabric & "Protocol Buffers"

    In the last few days I've been struggling with a quite hard task: introducing some caching mechanism in an existing and complex infrastructure, which is already using AppFabric caching (aka: Velocity) in some other areas.

  • Do you like "parrots"?

    Yesterday I had an interesting chat with my colleague and friend Felice, from the famous "Fatica Labs", about an idea I had a couple of months ago.