The main problem here is: which language should I use?

  • Best of luck Atif!

    Last Friday it's been Atif's last day at Cargill, and we spent time together with him and other colleagues at lunch and during a very funny "apero", but despite all the cheerfulness it's been a quite sad moment. It's been such a great experience to work with him because of his deep technical knowledge, his great passion for what he does, his amazing analitical skills and his work ethics. I learned a lot during this year with him, but most of all I found not just a manager, but a friend who's been helping me in many ways during my new adventure abroad.

  • Nueva vida

    Manhana es el gran dia, despues de casi un anho de busqueda y de esperancias, me mudo a Ginevra para empezar un nuevo trabajo!

  • De vuelta

    Bueno, las vacaciones se acabaron y volvimos a casa.

  • Vacaciones!

    Por fin! El proximo jueves voy a tener 2 semanas de vacaciones, y estoy muy contento porqué, despues de 8 anhos, vuelvo a visitar Paraguay, el paìs de mi esposa :)