ElmahR 1.0? Almost there!

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It's been almost one year since I started ElmahR, and it's been a long journey, with a lot of fun and learning: I added a lot of features, which are described in my blog posts about the project, and probably many others could be added, but I think I'm getting near to what I'll release as version 1.0. In the last weeks I did some cleanup to the plugin system (which is not yet as good as I'd like, but it's good enough for now), and I enabled some "startup" statistics which allowed me to send down to clients numbers that apply not only to the errors received since the connections, but to the whole errors history. This means that now both the numbers related to the errors grouped by type and the errors piechart reflect the whole persisted errors history, which I think is a more useful information.

But what will bring me to do the move to the 1.0 release will be the SignalR 1.0 RTM (right now it is 1.0 RC1). I'm pretty excited about that and, as soon as SignalR will be officially released with the ASP.NET and Web Tools 2012.2 update (this should happen in January) I'll migrate ElmahR from SignalR 0.5.3, and when done I will align its version number. Can't wait to do that! :)

After that I think I'll take break from development and I'll spend more time in documenting it, I wrote a lot about it but the official documentation is not as much complete as I'd like. I will also try to write a new descriptive article about it, with the goal of updating the current one available in CodeProject.

So, stay tuned for 1.0 :)

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