ElmahR @ aspConf, it's been amazing!

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UPDATE: the recording of the session is now available on Channel9 here!

It's been already one week, but yes, I did my session about ElmahR @ aspConf.net! I did not blog about it before because I really needed some rest, so every day since last week, after work, I've been just trying to relax and do some other stuff, but it's really been an amazing experience. It was my first talk ever in a conference, and starting from such a big one made me a little bit nervous, but everything went smoothly, my english was not too bad and I managed to stay in time. I had the chance to rehearsal my session at the company where I work a couple of days before, and I received some great feedback that allowed me to fine tune the contents just before the big day. I think that the final result was ok, and attending the talk you can have a pretty good idea about what's ElmahR and how it works. If you did not have any chance to attend it live and you're interested in the project, very soon the recording of the talk will be available on Channel9! They're publishing the videos day by day, so ElmahR should pop up any time soon, and in general a lot of great material came out from the conference, so check the recordings out.

It's been tiring, much more than I was estimating when I decided to answer the call for presentation. It's tough because you keep on fixing things and fine tuning the contents, it took me some time and I lost some sleep; but it's very rewarding at the same time, I received very good feedback so far and I want to thank all the people that found the time to help or to let their impressions afterward. And of course I want to thank all the guys that organized such a great conference, and all the other speakers that made it possible, it's been a pleasure to be part of it! :)

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