ElmahR cleanup features

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Latest additions

So, lately I've been working on features that improve the way ElmahR help you in maintaining ElmahR itself healthy. Earlier I improved the way it notifies about error happening in ElmahR itself, and lately I added a new feature that allows you to see how many historical errors have been recorded for each monitored app. It also let you clean up those error offering a set of 'trash bin' buttons which give you a (hopefully) easy way to clear ranges of errors that are not interesting anymore. Each application box has a new icon like this:

Errors stats

If you press it a popup window will appear, with all the details that I just described. It's more easy to actually try it than explaining it.

Future steps

I think that I will not add any particular new feature until I'll decide to go to 1.0, I will just go back to do some clean up which is there in the queue since a while, expecially regarding javascript and css, but also around the persistence server side code. I will also wait for SignalR to go 1.0 before going 1.0 myself, and I will also take my time to move the project to Visual Studio 2012. A lot of things to do yet, but mainly behind the scenes.

Keep on polling the project for the latest bits, and if you are using it please let me know, any feedback is welcome!

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