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Vacations are over, so I'm back working on ElmahR. In my previous post I already described what I've been doing to make ElmahR more robust, during the last weeks I've been going on developing those features. The most important feature I added is a new 'way' to launch an ElmahR dashboard. If you specify a log parameter on the query string, and you give it a truthy value (1, true, yes), like this:


ElmahR will add a log window on top of the dashboard, and there you will see low-level logging messages appearing live. These messages might originate on both client and server side of ElmahR, and give you a way to have a fine grained level of detail about what's exactly happening in your setup. You could add ElmahR as an application feed as I explained the last time, and that's a more clean way to handle problems in a stable way, but if you are experiencing some unexpected behavior, and especially if you're just setting up your dashboard instance for the first time and things do not go smooth, this log can be very helpful in identifying what's wrong.

There are still a few things I want to add to ElmahR before considering 'finished', and I decided to publish them on a Pivotal Tracker dashboard, so if you are interested in them just have a look. If you think there's something that should be added and it's not listed there, open an issue on Bitbucket, or even better fork ElmahR, implement it and send a pull request, I'd be happy to discuss your ideas about it :)

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