ElmahR persistence is evolving

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Quick update about ElmahR. After preparing the ground to support persistence, and building errors persistence on top of it, I went a step further, enabling a first draft of a simple 'user settings' storage system. The functionality if really a basic one, what it does is just storing a guid in a persistent cookie, and using that guid to associate a bunch of setting to the current user and store them inside the same database used for errors persistence, provided the user activated the functionality ticking the corresponding option. The implementation itself is not really worth many words, what's maybe more worth noting is the fact that this work is been the preparation for something more useful like profiling 'real' users connecting to ElmahR through whatever authentication mechanism you'd want to use. In fact the idea here is to let user authentication as an external piece, letting implementors choose the most appropriate one or maybe even write their own ways to handle the problem, ElmahR will just leverage IIdentity interface and all the related concepts to store settings.

At the time of this writing the system remembers for each user the status of each application feed, which can be 'running' or 'paused'. In the next steps it will remmeber more things, like the position of the application boxes on the left column or the status for the error types.

There's another interesting news, last week a parallel project about building a Nuget package for ElmahR source applications has been started thanks to @gsuttie, soon there will be goon news on that front too :)

As usual, you can give ElmahR a try here.

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