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This is just a quick announcement about the fact that in the last 2 days I released ElmahR v0.2 (you may call it 'alpha'). ElmahR is a real-time aggregating dashboard for ELMAH, based on a module I wrote to in the official ELMAH Sandbox, and leveraging SignalR for the async real-time communication. I already described how I came up with idea of this project, and in the last weeks I've been working on it to see if I could realize it. I'm quite happy with the results so far, so I decided to share it, let's see if you find it as much interesting as I did.
The project is still very basic and it's missing features, but at the end of the day it's working, and it's been real fun to work on it because it allowed me to try a lot of great stuff out there:

  • ELMAH, of course, writing a new module for it
  • SignalR, really amazing library
  • Knockout for doing MVVM in the browser, 'magical'
  • Raphaël to build like graphs in the browser
  • Underscore.js to 'compose' statistics client-side 'à la Linq'
  • RxJS, which I did not really exploit yet but it's there ready to be used when needed
  • jQuery, of course
  • Mercurial on Google Code for the ELMAH Sandbox, and on Bitbucket for the official ElmahR home
  • AppHarbor for hosting the live demo, it's a fantastic platform, deploying .NET apps is never been so easy!
  • Trello for light 'project management'

If you are interested in ElmahR idea, or maybe just interested in a sample app showing how to integrate all those pieces, you can have a look here and try the demo app live! In the next days I'll be writing more about the internals, and I will document how you can use it today with your ELMAH-enabled applications.

Many thanks to Atif for his continuous support, and to my wife for taking care of the CSS stuff :)  And if you think you want to contribute, let me know, there is a lot to do :)


  • Walt Daniels said

    This is a VERY COOL idea! We're using many of the technologies in your laundry-list above, including ELMAH, in an enterprise-wide application that we're re-engineering ... and having a centralized monitoring application is on our to-do list. I think you've just saved us may man-hours of development time! Thank you.

  • Wasp said

    Thanks Walt :) I cannot guarantee about time frames, but I'll definitely go on with this stuff, so stay tuned! :)

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