Making ElmahR more rock solid

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After the aspConf session I slowed down a little bit because I needed some rest, and right now I'm having some vacation, so my work on ElmahR is going on at a lower pace. As I mentioned in earlier posts and im my aspConf session, ElmahR is growing but it still needs some work to make it more error proof. ElmahR is about errors happening on monitored applications, but errors can happen inside ElmahR itself, no? In the latest days I started working on this particular aspect, and soon an ElmahR dashboard will be able to treat errors happening on the dashboard itself. You might think that this is not a problem: why didn't I just configure the dashboard to post errors to itself through ELMAH + ErrorPostModule? Well, that's possible of course, but it's also very easy to fall in cases where this scenario could generate endless loops of errors. Imagine you have a problem connecting to the database where errors are stored: when ElmahR receives a new error from a monitored source, it tries to store it and it fails, the error is intercepted, posted to ElmahR itself and received, then ElmahR will try to store this one too, and that will fail, and the loop starts again...  A different approach is needed, and I begun to work on it. I already released some bits of it, but soon after my short vacation I will review a couple of details to make it cleaner, and I'll tell you more about the internals of this piece.

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