New adventure: writing a book about SignalR!

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After almost 2 years dedicating my spare time to ElmahR, now I'm giving it some rest while thinking about how to accommodate in a hypothetical v2.0 new ideas I have and new suggestions I received. In the meantime, I started a new adventure for the next few months: I'm writing a book about SignalR!

It's an interesting opportunity that PacktPub offered me, I never wrote a book before but I thought it could be a nice challenge. The book itself will be a relatively easy one to write, it's not about how SignalR works and its architecture, or about esoteric usage scenarios, it's a cookbook, a set of readymade recipes that readers will be able to apply with a small effort in order to tackle specific problems. This kind of content should fit both my limited spoken English and my SignalR knowledge, which is quite extensive (it's one if the pillars for ElmahR) but maybe not too "hardcore".

I'm already targeting SignalR 2.0, so this will give me an opportunity to update my knowledge to the latest release.

It will be fun, and I'll do my best to produce a book which delivers what it promises to.

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