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Yesterday I blogged and twitted about the v0.5 release of ElmahR, and after a few retweets an amazing sequence of interactions started to happen! In the last 24 hours I received many retweets, new Twitter followers appeared and my tweet has been favorite by several people. The demo web site received hundreds of simulated errors (which actually helped me to spot at least 2 bugs :) ), my blog post has been visited by more than 400 unique visitors, and ElmahR repository has 4 new followers. And there's more, I became member of the Software Development list, and today ElmahR was on the home page of The Morning Brew, and in a very good company indeed! Those are not particularly big numbers for most of you, of course, but for me they are :)

I'm pleasantly surprised by the reception that ElmahR has been given by the community, I had the feeling that it was an interesting idea when I first developed it, but it's only after such reactions that I realized all the work done so far has been worthwhile. This of course raises the expectations, and now I cannot really screw it up :) I'll do my best to do the right moves now in order to deliver the value which such a tool is supposed to give. At the same time I would really like to make ElmahR a project driven by the community, and contributions would be really welcome. In the next days I'll try to go on implementing stuff and refining the UI, at the same time I'll be working on a clear enough roadmap, and I'll be trying to identify the steps, the procedures and the tools which would help in making ElmahR a community project. It's all new to me, but I'll try to do my best.

So, see you soon :)


  • Danthar said

    Would like to contribute with bugs fixes, and new features. But i will first have to get into Bitbucket, since I'm more a git-hub kind of guy. ;)

  • Wasp said

    @Danthar That would be great! And while you get into Bitbucket, I'll get into how to manage all this stuff... ;)

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