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  • People like ElmahR!

    Yesterday I blogged and twitted about the v0.5 release of ElmahR, and after a few retweets an amazing sequence of interactions started to happen! In the last 24 hours I received many retweets, new Twitter followers appeared and my tweet has been favorite by several people. The demo web site received hundreds of simulated errors (which actually helped me to spot at least 2 bugs :) ), my blog post has been visited by more than 400 unique visitors, and ElmahR repository has 4 new followers. And there's more, I became member of the Software Development list, and today ElmahR was on the home page of The Morning Brew, and in a very good company indeed! Those are not particularly big numbers for most of you, of course, but for me they are :)

  • ElmahR v0.5

    ElmahR v0.5 has just been pushed on the demo site and in the source repository. A global errors feed has been added, and now the applications resume shows for each source what the last error has been and how many errors have been raised.

  • ElmahR v0.3

    Short post, I just pushed v0.3 of ElmahR in the source repository. This release has been about Javascript cleanup, making code much more modular and with a draft plugin structure. I also update jQuery to 1.7.1, and introduced RequireJS for handling dependencies, but so far I just played with it and it's not yet used, this will happen in the next days along with some UI improvements. After that I'll improve the HTTP traffic between client and server, adding more but optimized roundtrips, and then I'll move to work on the server side of the system.

  • ElmahR, a description

    After releasing Elmahr v0.2, I think it's time to describe with more details what it is, how it's done and what are my plans for the next releases. ElmahR is a web dashboard where you can aggregate several monitored applications; adding them to ElmahR configuration will enable them to post error events, which will show them on all the connected client dashboards in real-time.

  • ElmahR v0.2

    This is just a quick announcement about the fact that in the last 2 days I released ElmahR v0.2 (you may call it 'alpha'). ElmahR is a real-time aggregating dashboard for ELMAH, based on a module I wrote to in the official ELMAH Sandbox, and leveraging SignalR for the async real-time communication. I already described how I came up with idea of this project, and in the last weeks I've been working on it to see if I could realize it. I'm quite happy with the results so far, so I decided to share it, let's see if you find it as much interesting as I did.
    The project is still very basic and it's missing features, but at the end of the day it's working, and it's been real fun to work on it because it allowed me to try a lot of great stuff out there:

  • ELMAH + SignalR = ElmahR

    During the last few days I've been working on a new idea. I've been listening and reading about SignalR since a few months, and 2 weeks ago I attended a very interesting session by Marteen Balliauw about it at the UGIALT.NET conference in Milan. At the same time I'm an ELMAH user since a while, and I have the pleasure to share my working hours and my lunches with its author Atif. So, when I was in my car coming back from the conference to where I live, and despite (or maybe thanks to...) a bad cold that was hitting me, I had this idea to join these two libraries to offer real time and interactive experience to the logging capabilities that ELMAH offers. This week I started this experiment and I had a lot of fun working on it.

    First, I cloned the ELMAH Sandbox project repository following the recommended guidelines, and inside it I wrote a new ErrorPostModule for ELMAH. This module is very simple, and so far its implementation is still very basic, its goal is to process an unhandled exception that occurred in the host application and post its Json representation to a specified destination. When you have this module available, in your ELMAH-enable applications you can activate it adding a configuration key like this one: